Wind: a managed energy

Inspection and tracking of clamping in the wind industry:
With our E-SI-Torquing developed method, we provide an innovative solution concerning the traceability in the wind industry. Time saving in the inspection and clamping, team of experts, data base, clamping protocoles, sensors and monitoring the evolution are assets thats you and your clients will benefit from thanks to this method which will enable the wind industry to evolve. 
Construction of wind farms
Within the Rougeot groupe thanks to its experience gained through the construction of the Porte de Côte d'Or wind farm, Justy provides its experience in realising your wind farm projects. Roads and other networks, foundations, ... thanks to its skills in those fields, we can bring you our expertise as Assistant to the Contracting Authority.
There will be a future challenge in the years to come concerning the renewal and the expansion of wind farms. Justy is a specialist concerning repowering. Within a consortium of companies all experts in their fields (crane operations, dismantlement, logistics, recycling,...), we ensure the replacement of your old machines and the reclamation while providing you with the best value. We always respect the legislation thanks to our QSE supports.
Parc éolien
Justy is a member of France Energie Eolienne and Wind for Future
Mats de mesure
Measurement tower
Justy supports you in the acquisition, the renting, the implementation, the installation, the dismantlement and the manipulation of your measurement tower. This complete or partial service goes hand in hand with an interpretation and data analysis on the long term and also rectifying possible failures caused by any factors. In partnership with Anemos, Justy is able to provide bankable studies acknowledged by funders.
Supporting projects all along
Justy isn't an actor in developing projects but we can provide you our expertise for your projects in meeting your needs during different stages. While interpreting your analytical report and environmental studies, acoustic, landscape, local and national context (legal aspects, military and aeronautic contraints, political opposition,...) we can help you in taking decisions. We can support you in your projects and in realising wind farms as much as in the deposit of the authorisation request, the single permit and in the different negociation and construction stages.
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