Hydrogen: an element, an endless
renewable form of energy

Allowing us to move fowards
Study of the hydrogen potential
Before starting any hydrogen projects, it is essential to identify the possible deposit and also the potential uses. Industrial use, mobility, building, domestic use, the different uses of hydrogen are often localy unsuspected. Within this framework, thanks to its first studies driven in Burgundy Franche Comté, Justy is able to provide an analysis of those elements and juge their potentials and sizing the projects with you.
Engineering storage centers
Hydrogen is a storable energy vector but with contraints so Justy is positioned as a specialist in storing the hydrogen. Along with other industrial actors managing different fields (production, storage, distribution), Justy provides a storage concerning the surplus of energy while ensuring the optimisation and the security of those processes and helping you in filling reporting papers and authorisation request.
Justy supports you in achieving your hydrogen storage center
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