Justy: training,
people are our main concern...

Because successes in the environmental and energy transition isn't possible without people taken into account,
Justy considers human skills amongst its priorities.

The energy revolution requires to make your employees evolve, acquire new profils and new skills. Certified and authorised training organisation, Justy has already been recognised as a training provider in the wind industry thanks to the GWO and BZEE qualifications (initial and further trainings and renewals)

We are an authorized training provider for Tech Safety Lines’ CE Certified products sold in France. Please visit Tech Safety Lines’ website for more information about the SRK-15®, a micro self-rescue kit, and the SPARK, a small package assisted rescue kit.
Hydrogène Justy
With customised offers and with a situation quite similar to the working conditions of your maintenance technicians, we adapt ourselves to your needs and to your suggestions to provide an assessment and better skills to your employees.
Our training center in Dijon is unique in France as far as its conception which coincides with the standards of the industry. Our trainers who are certified but are also professionals in the sector are able to understand your requests.
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GWO Training :
First Aid
Manual handling
Working at heights

Electrical authorisation, Under pressure equipment
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We will need to train people to new jobs that will expand in the future in the hydrogen industry.

Initial courses

Acknowldge by professionals, it is the essential tool to access a job in the wind industry
Wind System Maintenance at the Lycée Gustave Eiffel in Dijon:
When there is a failure in the system, it can lead to a production shutdown. This puts the company into a difficult situation and can entail important extracosts of production. The senior technician has to improve the production system in order to enhance its productivity.

The Electrotechnical BTS trains senior technicians to the conception, the achievement and the maintenance of electrotechnical equipment.
BZEE Training
(A 6 months partnership with the GRETA 21) BAUME LES DAMES project (CFA 21)
Training course linked with a company acknowledge by the BZEE European Organism in partnership with the GRETA 21, the UIMM Burgundy, the employment center, The Burgundy Region and the Ministry of Education.

The "Maintenance of wind turbines technicians" training course leads to a German origin diploma: « BildungsZentrum für Erneuerbare Energien » (BZEE).
graduates in 2012
graduates in 2014
graduates in 2016
graduates in 2017

Short training course

Global Wind Organisation is an organisation which gathers companies in the wind energy. The aim of the GWO is to initiate common security rules in order to evolve in a secure environment.
GWO trainings are essential for companies willing to renew their authorisations.
Recruiting and training of Jean-Luc Ponton GWO-BZEE certifying instructor

Service delivery for wind maintenance training for the GRETA 21
Achievement of the wind maintenance training for the GRETA 21
In Dijon, from the CFA 25 to Baume Les Dames

Achievement of services for the MSE BTS option wind in Eiffel
Qualifications GWO/BZEE for the plateform in Dijon (Eiffel+Valmy)

Establishement of continuous courses acknowledged by the industry (GWO/BZEE)
Training for renewing authorisations (continuous courses):
 •  Renewal of authorisation
 • Working-at-heights-Rescue
 • Movements and postures
 • Fire safety, pressure equipment, slinging (APAVE partnership) 

Tooling and wind supplies

Providing tooling and wind supplies to the lycée Eiffel as a result of a call for tenders
Wind teaching support
Providing supplies and specific tooling in partnership with : ITH, Prüftechnik, SCS Concept, Karl Storz

Training centers

Conception of the training plateform at the lycée Eiffel in Dijon

Conception of the inter cluster plateform of Valmy (Dijon),
training, demonstration and testing center for working-at-heights activities and energy transition, home automation and sustainable construction 
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