Justy, another kind of energy

In the heart of the Burgundy vinyards, we know the strenghts of natural elements, water, soil, wind, sun… necessary to a good balance and to the success of those projects.
Born from a family owned-group of civil engineering, the company Rougeot and engaged actor for the energy transition from the wind energy to the hydrogen through the methanisation and the fuelwood, our team is committed to work with you in order to accomplish your projects. Wind energy, hydrogen, education are our principle skills in order to succeed.

& Key skills

SA Hubert Rougeot Meursault
Regional roadwork company of public works, know in many fields from civil engineering to building with more than 400 employees.
Conception, engineering office specialised ih those fields, the company also has experiences in many projects including renewable energy with the achievement of a park in Côte d'Or, the dismantling, the realisation of specifique platforms (service stations)

The company is willing to continue its diversification: the development of renewable energy and the energy transition represent an important potential growth. The company is already working on projects linked with water processing but also more recently with the wind industry through the realisation of roadway, civil works and earthwork. The company provides many materiel and human skills to realise those projects 

Key figures

The Grenelle Environment has set for 2020 the following targets:
Is the share of kinetic energy (wind) available on the world's surface and essential to cover the energy needs. 100% is the realistic energy target which could be supplied by the ENR in France by 2050.
Is the number of trainee we need to form each year
Is the share of hydrogen atom. Hydrogen is the most abondant element in the universe. It is inseparable from water and sun. Two elements with endless energetic capacities and fully clean.
In Burgundy
wind sites
A 1500 MW parc
and 600 to 700 wind turbines by 2020
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